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Welcome to Bluesky Ireland


Bluesky Ireland is the home of aerial survey, GIS data and service in the Republic of Ireland.  Working with the very latest in aerial survey and geospatial technology, we are able to offer a service which is second to none.  We have survey pedigree from many years in the UK and other parts of the world.  We aim to be the premier GIS data supplier in the Irish market, and have been working towards this goal over the past three years providing high quality data to many government and commercial organisations.

Digtial surface model ireland


Bluesky Ireland provides you with instant access to an ever increasing range of high quality geographic data including orthophoto, DTM and DSM.

Aerial photography Ireland


Bluesky Ireland is one of the leading suppliers of aerial survey and GIS services and offers the most up to date and advanced aerial survey equipment including Vexcel cameras and Optech LiDAR and thermal sensor.




  • Aerial Photography  -  National Areas 25cm | Urban Areas 12.5cm


  • Colour Infrared  -  National Areas 25cm | Urban Areas 12.5cm 


  • Digital Terrain Model  -  National Areas 2m | Urban Areas 1m


  • Digital Surface Model  -  National Areas 1m | Urban Areas 50cm


  • NDVI (Normalised Differentiated Vegetation Index) - National Areas 25cm


Bluesky Ireland aerial photo coverage

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GIS data of Ireland

Bluesky Geospatial Limited (trading as Bluesky Ireland) is a subsidiary of Bluesky International Limited which has been set up to specifically serve the vibrant and growing Irish GIS market. 

Bluesky Ireland specialises in aerial survey and GIS Data using the most advanced aerial survey equipment available.  Products include aerial photography, digital terrain models (DTM), digital surface models (DSM), LiDAR, Thermal Mapping and tree mapping, and these are just a few datasets from the range of advanced GIS and CAD data offered by Bluesky Ireland.

We undertake a huge amount of aerial survey work in Ireland, from complete national coverage down to small sites, such as forests, wind farms, quarries, archaeology sites, coastal monitoring and environmentally sensitive areas.  All our data is processed by our team of geospatial specialists. Data is used for planning, monitoring, modelling and enforcement.  Hopefully this website will provide a wealth of information, but if you would like more information please call us on +353 (0)212409026.

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