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EireMap™ from Bluesky is a new mapping product for the Republic of Ireland. The map is being developed by Bluesky, and samples are available intended for review and feedback.

EireMap™ is an accurate, feature rich, 1:2500 scale vector map developed by our skilled cartographers from Bluesky detailed and up to date aerial photography.  The map depicts many features seen on the ground, including roads, rivers, buildings and railways as well as visible boundaries.  It is intended as a low-cost mapping solution for both government and commercial users, with flexible licencing.

The map is currently in development and at beta version; we are keen to identify users and learn how it can be used and improved. If you are interested in joining our program, then please drop us an email at or use the Contact Form below. We will send you a link to the sample data which covers urban, rural and coastal regions.

Following a period of consultation with our customers and potential customers we aim to start the full roll of out the data in Q4 2019.  If you need data sooner than this, then please get in touch and let us know. Further details to follow.


  • Urban environments - 3d models & network planning


  • Flood risk


  • Forestry


  • Transmission lines, highways, corridor mapping


  • Archaelogy


  • Wind farm planning


  • Coastal surveys


  • Quarries

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Bluesky reserve the right to allow access to review this product to whoever they wish. We may withdraw the product at any time.
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