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Bluesky Ireland LiDAR height data


LiDAR has become the de facto data source for those in need of detailed, accurate terrain information. A LiDAR sensor acquires the height of both the terrain and any above ground features such as trees and buildings, to an accuracy and resolution unparalleled by other airborne methods.

Did you know these acronyms?


LiDAR - Light Detection and Ranging


DTM - Digital Terrain Model

(a bare earth model)


DSM - Digital Surface Model

(includes features such as buildings & trees)


  • up to 25 points per metre


  • Exceptionally high vertical accuracy of up to ± 5cm rmse


  • Wide variety of formats, compatible with Ordnance Survey Ireland products


  • Compatible with most CAD and GIS software



  • Urban environments - 3d models & network planning


  • Flood risk


  • Forestry


  • Transmission lines, highways, corridor mapping


  • Archaelogy


  • Wind farm planning


  • Coastal surveys


  • Quarries



Bluesky are able to offer you a premium LiDAR dataset captured and processed to your own specification using the latest technology



Commissioning a bespoke LiDAR survey puts you in complete control, ensuring the data you receive is perfectly suited to the end application



Read our informative LiDAR White Paper, which gives details of the many applications of airborne LiDAR data

Bluesky has an extensive experience of LiDAR data acquisition, ensuring that no matter your end application or area of interest, we’ll be in a unique position to meet your requirements.


Bluesky are also committed to ensuring our off-the-shelf data is as current as possible, and where it isn't it is a simple task to update it.


Alongside our own data catalogue, we are official resellers of LiDAR from other sources, allowing us to provide you with a single point of contact for all your LiDAR requirements.


  • High density


  • High accuracy

  • Multiple returns

  • Intensity layer

  • Multiple applications


  • Bespoke surveys by commission


  • Flexible licensing terms

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