Commissioning a bespoke LiDAR survey puts you in complete control, ensuring the data you receive is perfectly suited to the end application. Bluesky’s LiDAR acquisition capability is second to none, owning and operating the highest specification LiDAR instrument in Ireland, and the first in the world to be fully integrated with both a photogrammetric digital survey camera and thermal infrared sensor.

With a high pulse repetition rate, fully programmable field of view, the latest GPS technology, and a wide acquisition envelope, our LiDAR sensor provides the ultimate solution for your data requirements, is capable of acquiring height data at a resolution and accuracy unmatched by any rival sensor. Additionally, all of our aircraft, and our experienced flight operations team, are on standby 24/7 all year round, ensuring we are in prime position to meet any data capture window.


Our sensor can acquire LiDAR in excess of 25ppm from a fixed wing platform, and data is regularly captured at accuracies better than 50mm. All of our acquisition is ground truthed by one of our expert surveyors, ensuring that the accuracy of all the data you receive has been verified against its real world values.

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Optech Galaxy

LiDAR Airborne LiDAR system



Commissioning a bespoke LiDAR survey puts you in complete control, ensuring the data you receive is perfectly suited to the end application



Find out all about LiDAR and it's applications in this comprehensive white paper. You'll be surprised what you can do with LiDAR!

Simultaneous acquisition of either aerial photography or thermal infrared imagery gives you the opportunity to add further intelligence to your LiDAR data, enabling more detailed analysis, interpretation and interrogation than ever before.
Our flexible approach puts us in an ideal position for data capture throughout Ireland and even further afield, and our team has project experience across the world including; Sweden, Finland, France, Greece, Morocco, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria, Oman and New Zealand amongst others.
Commissioning a LiDAR survey from Bluesky ensures that your data is being acquired with the best available technology, by the industries most experienced team. 

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