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Ongoing expansion of our towns, cities and infrastructure continues to jeopardise the health of our vegetation. Bluesky’s new Normalised Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) gives you an instant, detailed insight into the health and maturity of the Nations flora.


This Nationwide dataset, created using Colour Infrared (CIR) imagery acquired using state-of-the-art aerial remote sensing techniques, gives users the unique opportunity to quantify the concentration and quality of vegetation anywhere across the country.


NDVI is a simple to interpret graphical dataset is, facilitating speedy identification of vegetation maturity, health, and even potential insect attack and drought. Used in combination with Bluesky’s unique National Tree Map (NTM) data, our NDVI is part of a powerful set of analytical tools for assessing and monitoring the world around us.


  • National coverage


  • Simple to interpret graphical dataset


  • Integrate easily with other geographic products


  • Compatible with Bluesky National Tree Map (NTM)


  • GIS ready, multi-format


  • Forestry Mapping, Management and Monitoring


  • Vegetation Health Analysis


  • Agricultural Monitoring


  • Vegetation/Land Cover Classification


  • Soil Moisture


  • Biomass Production

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