Using a specially-adapted camera, Bluesky is now able to capture aerial photos at night. Not only do the resulting images look amazing, but they offer a wealth of information about our cities during the hours of darkness, and are set to become an invaluable tool for city councils, lighting professionals, ecologists and those involved with safety and security.


Light pollution is destroying our view of the night sky, wastes electricity, threatens urban wildlife, and can cause health problems; it is also difficult to measure the impact. However as street lighting also provides a sense of safety and security, Nightsky Mapping™ can help to effectively manage lighting and it’s associated problems.


  • Detailed and accurate


  • GIS ready, stanadard imagery formats


  • Locate street lights and illuminated signs


  • Identify light type by colour


  • View light spread and coverage


  • Find black spots


  • Managing lighting infrastructure


  • Light pollution analysis


  • Energy conservation


  • Crime mapping


  • Public health assessments


  • Ecology studies


Nightsky Mapping™ can help to address some of the following:


Ecology: animal behaviour disrupted by stray light intrusion into habitats


Public Health: light at night can reduce melatonin production, potentially leading to health problems such as cancer and heart disease


Crime, Safety and Security: the relationship between lighting, safety and security is poorly understood


Energy Efficiency: light is often used inefficiently resulting in many thousands of pounds worth of electricity being wasted


Light Pollution and Wastage: ensuring compliance with planning conditions, re-examining levels of street lighting, taking a more intelligent look at private and industrial lighting (benchmark usage to measure against)


  • Clear, visual results


  • Informed decision-making


  • Photographic evidence


  • Communication tool


  • Compatible with OS products

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