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Solar panels and other renewable energies are set to become more commonplace. With rising energy costs and the realisation that many of our natural resources are dwindling, the focus on finding renewable and sustainable sources of energy has never been greater. Bluesky’s Solar Suitability Mapping provides the unique ability to identify solar energy potential right down to individual property level.

Using a combination of our accurate, high resolution National aerial photography, height data, and solar irradiation information, we can compile the key solar suitability statistics of any property, including roof orientation, roof pitch, useable roof area and potential solar panel array size. All presented as a solar panel suitability map, showing the solar potential for individual roofs.


  • All of England and Wales


  • Usable roof area is indentified


  • Full shading analysis is available for most areas


  • Only roofs with a usable area greater than 10 sq m


  • Only roofs orientated in optimum direction (aspect)


  • Only roofs with optimum pitch or slope


  • Potential obstructions are evaluated and flagged


  • Residential and commercial properties are included


  • A simple point database containing all attributes.


  • The data can be supplied as 3D polygons depicting the size of the roof.


  • The data can be supplied in regions (eg postcode, county or region)



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All of our Solar Mapping is linked to the most up to date Ordnance Survey address database, allowing the full address data for each assessed property to be identified. The product is designed in an open format to allow a wider spectrum of users to access and utilise this data. Whether you use MS Excel, GIS, SQL or Google Earth, we can help you identify and unlock the solar potential of the built environment around you.

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