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Bluesky Ireland thermal survey


Whether you have commissioned a thermal imagery survey direct from Bluesky, or have an existing thermal dataset in house, we can create a web-based reporting tool designed specifically to help energy and environmental teams analyse thermal imagery, discover energy trends, and disseminate findings to stakeholders at all levels.

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The thermal mapping service from Bluesky is an intelligent thermographic spatial information source for deriving property-level building heat-loss maps, used to identify poorly insulated buildings and "Beds in Sheds" illegal dwellings.

Bluesky provide an end-to-end thermal mapping solution, offering a cost-effective airborne thermal survey service measuring building heat-loss levels across an entire city in just one evening.  Thermal Mapping can also be used in forestry studies to identify individual diseased or infested trees.


  • Advanced GIS analysis and interpretation


  • Provides a visual statement showing local energy use


  • GIS ready seamless raster digital image


  • Relative heat loss values for all buildings across a town or district


  • Compatible with OSI Mapping


  • Thematic classification of heat loss scores for use in GIS


  • Heat loss values can be connected to clients address database


  • Helps report on National Indicator targets


  • Target homes suitable for roof insulation improvements


  • Identification of "Beds-in-Sheds" illegal dwellings


  • Forestry disease and infestations studies


  • Locate hard to treat homes


  • Assists CO2 baseline mapping for Local Authorities


  • Urban Heat Island Mapping



Derive property-level building heat-loss maps, used to identify poorly insulated buildings and "Beds in Sheds" illegal dwellings.



Optech LW640 Thermal Camera

(integrated with our Optech Galaxy)


Bluesky can securely host, and manage both the thermal imagery and your chosen auxiliary datasets to enable clients and stakeholders across multiple offices to maximise the value of this web-mapping tool.

Using Bluesky’s innovative online portal, cross-referencing of airborne survey results against your organisations existing geographic, economic, demographic and environmental data can be undertaken, and findings summarised to produce a targeted output identifying properties that should be engaged for insulation grants, energy consumption advice and guidance on renewable and sustainable energy products and services.

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