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Bluesky Ireland aerial photo


Aerial photography continues to play a vital role across a variety of disciplines, whether it be environmental management, policy planning, or network analysis. Now more than ever it is part of everyday life through online mapping portals, and extensive use in both printed and digital media.  Bluesky Ireland brings you aerial photography, both  fully orthorectified and as stereo images for the whole of the Republic of Ireland (acquisition is ongoing)


  • 10 / 12.5cm Selected Area Resolution


  • 25cm National Resolution


  • Exceptional degree of Accuracy


  • Available in JPG, TIF, ECW, KMZ


  • Available for Instant Download


  • GIS Ready


  • Town Planning


  • Property & Facilities Management


  • Landuse Classification & Analysis


  • Environmental Monitoring


  • Flood Mapping


  • 3D Visualisation

10cm / 12.5 CM RESOLUTION


Selected coverage of higher resolution aerial photo (10cm & 12.5cm) imagery across the Republic of Ireland, mainly of urban areas



Proposed national coverage of standard resolution aerial photo at 25cm  across the whole of the Republic of Ireland.



Bluesky is one of the leading suppliers of aerial survey services in the UK and Ireland and offers the most up to date and advanced aerial survey equipment, which are regularly based in Ireland.

Whatever your application, Bluesky Ireland will have your area of interest covered. We are specialists in the acquisition and processing of aerial photography, and in the creation of high quality digital imagery products. Bluesky are committed to investing in the latest capture and production technologies, and by doing this we ensure the aerial photography products and services we provide are market leading.


Bluesky have a growing catalogue of National aerial photography, fully available off-the-shelf which will cover the whole of RoI. All our photography is fully orthorectified, and is the most current, comprehensive, accurate and widely used data available. We are continually refreshing our coverage through our cyclic update program, giving our photography unparalleled currency.


  • Increasing National coverage


  • Off-the-shelf data


  • Up-to-date

  • Highly accurate and detailed


  • Compatible with OSI Mapping


  • Flexible licensing terms

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